Students Discuss Free Speech on Campus


Free speech has become a hotly contested topic among colleges across the country, sparking a national evaluation of how much political diversity should be present on American campuses. Bard College is no exception, with a similar controversy currently underway within its community.

Last Wednesday, the conservative commentator Ann Coulter announced that she would cancel her planned speech at the University of California Berkeley due to the loss of conservative sponsorship, as well as for personal safety reasons. In a message to The New York Times, Coulter responded, “It’s a sad day for free speech.” Continue reading “Students Discuss Free Speech on Campus”


Freshman Responds to Fraternity Confusion


Freshman Edwar Aviles-Mercedes and five of his close friends have started a club resembling a fraternity called Alpha Theta Kappa. As of February 17th it is an officially sanctioned club, recognized and funded by Bard’s fiscal committee. 

In a statement released via email that day, the fiscal committee explained their reasoning for sanctioning and funding the club. Among the factors cited was the fact that Alpha Theta Kappa would not be permitted, based on Bard College rules, to discriminate based on gender.

Continue reading “Freshman Responds to Fraternity Confusion”

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New York Times: American Universities Must Take a Stand

 LEON BOTSTEIN ON CAMPUS FEB. 8, 2017 Not since the era of witch hunts and “red baiting” has the American university faced so great a threat from government. How is the university to function when a president’s administration blurs the distinction between fact and fiction by asserting the existence of “alternative facts”? How can the university turn a blind eye to what every historian knows to … Continue reading New York Times: American Universities Must Take a Stand

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Bard Students React to US Appeals Court Phone Call

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | FEBRUARY 8, 2017 Trump’s immigration executive order has shaken the world since it has been issued, causing chaos at airports–especially JFK last Saturday, January 28–civil unrest and an increased Islamophobic attitude among many Americans. At a liberal school like Bard, many students have already taken action and have spoken out against the order. Dozens have attended the “No ban”, … Continue reading Bard Students React to US Appeals Court Phone Call

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Resisting Racism: Addressing Trump’s Immigration Ban One College at a Time



Despite moments of chaos and uncertainty for some following President Trump’s immigration executive order, otherwise known as the “Muslim ban,” university and college presidents across the U.S. took stands ensuring safety for their students and made promises to continue to promote diversity.

In a letter to students, faculty, alumni and parents addressing the ban, President Botstein of Bard College wrote, “Bard must sustain its commitment to the principle of non-discrimination by reason of race, religion, or national identity. Bard is part of an international community of students and scholars and it will hold fast to attracting and retaining students, faculty, and staff from all over the world.” Continue reading “Resisting Racism: Addressing Trump’s Immigration Ban One College at a Time”

President Duterte: A Perfect Example of Why President Trump’s Character Matters



Those grappling over whether Donald Trump’s questionable character will play a sizeable role in the White House throughout the next four years should look no further, surprisingly, than the Philippines, to witness an important example of how character and personality can influence policy.

Trump has been criticized on multiple occasions for making controversial comments, often saying what seems to be exactly on his mind. He has fired shots at the media, accusing reporters of taking what he says out of context to purposefully misrepresent him. He has openly discussed his desire to build a stronger relationship with Russia, and he once made headlines for joking about sexual assault. Think this is just another briefing on President Donald Trump? It’s not. Continue reading “President Duterte: A Perfect Example of Why President Trump’s Character Matters”