Bard Watch is the independent student newspaper of Bard College, established fall of 2016. The purpose of Bard Watch is to spread awareness about events and issues pertaining to the Bard College community. It serves to deliver news weekly to readers at Bard College, the Tivoli and Red Hook area and beyond. It emphasizes news, opinion, investigative stories, and commentary from around Bard College.
 Johanna M. Costigan, a senior who is double majoring in Asian Studies and Written Arts, and Maeve Lazor, a sophomore majoring in Asian Studies co-founded and co-edit Bard Watch. With a staff of about ten students, many of the writers are Written Arts, Philosophy, and Human Rights majors. Bard Watch offers a wide range of opportunities for students’ interests, including reporting, writing, photography, multimedia, illustration, and business.
 Above anything, Bard Watch is committed to the freedom of expression and is a libel-free publication. It will not stand for intolerance or bigotry and serves to expose any instances of such behavior exhibited on campus. It prides itself in reporting the truth and facts as Bard comes closer to realizing a community of veracity through un-biased journalism.
 If you are interested in participating in the production of the newspaper, come to our Wednesday pitch meetings in the library at 5:30.Those interested in joining Bard Watch must be current undergraduate students at Bard College.

Email bardwatchmanaging@gmail.com with any questions.

Corrections: Bard Watch is committed to accurate reporting. When we make errors, we do our best to correct them as quickly as possible. If you believe we have published an error, contact the managing editor at bardwatchmanaging@gmail.com or at 612 802 2596.

Submissions: Tips, op-eds, photos, and letters to the editor

Email us at bardwatchmanaging@gmail.com or post the photos to our Facebook page.

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