Wilt: All Female Bedroom Punk Trio



Wilt, the three-member female band is a friendly and giggly bunch consisting of junior Abbie Jones, senior Boothe Carlson and recent Bard graduate Emily Lyon. While all three members had a strong passion for music before the start of Wilt, which began with Abbie and Boothe who later met Emily on a Bard shuttle, the band has allowed them to explore and expand their musical talents.


I had the opportunity to catch up with them to get a sense of what it is like to be an all-female band, their challenges, their goals, and how they have developed since they first created Wilt. With musical influences such as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Frankie Cosmos, the Wilt girls described their music first to be “bedroom punk”, then “weird witch pop,” and eventually concluded that it was too tough of a question to answer.

As a band at Bard, Wilt is grateful for its outstanding support system. They believe Bard has the best atmosphere to make music, as Bard’s encouraging and creative music scene has opened many doors for them. The chance to see other bands perform live at Bard when they aren’t performing themselves is an amazing advantage for Wilt. To witness another band’s own mannerisms and characteristics on stage is a valued and influential source of inspiration for them. Wilt believes being able to play with Bard alumni, such as PWR BTTM, Jawbreaker, Reunion, O-face, No friends, Palm and more is a game changer. They are continually grateful and state that it was truly wild to even be on music bills with them in the first place.


Currently, Wilt is recording an album which will feature recent developments in their sound. In terms of growing as a band, Wilt has gotten a clear understanding of what they would like their sound to be now. They are continuously learning how to work as a trio; practicing so much has allowed them to become more comfortable, not just as musicians, but as friends, and together they have perfected their sound.

The close friendships and tight unison amongst these three musicians were evident. They each bounced back and from one another rhythmically, as if in a personal harmony.

When asked what their goals are, Wilt said that they would like to improve performing live, writing and recording music and making their work more accessible online, as well as playing at venues besides Bard.

Be sure to check out their upcoming music being released on www.thelesigh.com this summer!


Photos by Miranda Sanborn/ Bard Watch. 

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