Reflecting on Better Times: #TBT to When Americans and Their Problems Were Ignored By Republicans, Not Actively Worsened


“Wow,” I said to my BFF as we watched re-runs of George W. Bush speeches and just giggled. “He’s so dreamy. Why did we hate him so much? Can you even remember?”

“Not at all,” she responded, staring at George on the screen and slowly licking an ice cream spoon. “Honestly I would give anything to be Laura right now.”

“Bitch doesn’t know how good she has it.”

“Really though, how could we ever have thought he was a bad president? He’s so eloquent. And he had like zero white supremacists in his cabinet, right?”

“At least none who were out.”

“Ugh, stop. Take me back.” She pouted.  

“TBT to when we knew were gonna have basic health care.”

“OMG, no TBT to when the president wasn’t a self-proclaimed ‘pussy-grabber.’”

“I can’t even. No, wait but do you remember when the media and the government weren’t like in a full on war? It was just like a frienemies kind of situation?”

“Stop, too good. Remember when racist Americans had to be like lowkey about it, instead of run presidential campaigns based on their prejudices?”

“And the Constitution was like, followed? Damn,” I said, gazing into space, overwhelmed by the nostalgia. “We were #blessed.”


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