Letter to the Editor: Political Diversity on Campus


I understand that there is a lot of negativity about Trump around campus at Bard, and I would like to express my view on the candidate.

It is clear that Bard is predominantly Liberal, and that there are not that many people that have conservative views at the school.  I am in the minority when it comes to the topic of the election, and I am one of the few people on campus who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Although I was not a full-fledged supporter of the President to-be, I found myself choosing the lesser of two evils.  Hillary Clinton, a politician that I believe to be extremely corrupt, and bought by special interests, did not earn my vote.  It also didn’t help that, although I do not consider myself a Republican, I share many views with them.

I found Trump to be the better option, a Washington outsider, who will not be working for special interests, but rather what he feels is truly better for the United States.  I could not morally justify voting for either candidate based on their character, so I had to make my decision based on my conservative-leaning political views.

When I told people before the election that I was considering voting for Trump, my peers often laughed, thinking it was some sort of joke.  Now, when I tell someone I voted for Trump, I am often given a look of disgust. Some of my peers dismissed my opinion as invalid, racist, sexist, and anti-LGBTQ, while others have even used language that I cannot repeat towards me–when I do not believe that is what my candidate stands for.  I find myself being ganged up on in political debates without being given a chance to state my argument.

Given the negative feedback that I have received from most people here, I have also come across some classmates who are relieved to hear that I voted for Trump, even if they disagree with that decision.  It is often because they are happy to see that there is some diversity of ideas on campus, although very little.  Being in the minority in this situation has surely been a learning experience, and as of now I am happy with the selection I made.

I’m writing to let students know that political diversity exists at Bard, and I would urge students to listen to what others have to say, even if they may not agree.  I hope that this can give others some perspective on what it is like to be a “Trump supporter” on campus.


Adel Elkafas


To respond to this letter, or to submit an op-ed, contact bardwatchmanaging@gmail.com


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